President Biden's Covid-19 economic package scales through congress

After several months of modifications and arguments, the US Congress has finally approved the stimulus bill. The vote, which was done among party lines, approved the $1.9 bill. 

US lawmakers approve Biden economy bill 

The US president's relief stimulus of about $1.9 trillion to lift many Americans out of poverty and aid them in dealing with the economic implications of COVID-19 has been approved by Congress on Wednesday evening. The House of Representatives gave the go-ahead for the stimulus along with party votes, and no Republican support. 

The economic bill, having succeeded in the senate will now be sent to the president for his signature. This is the sixth coronavirus bill and a huge win for the US president. The voting pattern was a 220 vote for democrats, as one Democrat voted with the Republicans. After the bill was approved, the president said that it will be signed by Friday. 

'' The lawmakers are the backbone of the country, and they keep the country going. I am very happy with their contributions and won't disappoint Americans. '' 

Americans support the economic package in a recent poll 

The bill has received massive support from Americans according to a recent poll which says more than 71% supported it even republicans. However, Republican lawmakers have reservations about the bill because they consider it too expensive. They want several parts of the bill to be adjusted and don't want people who have jobs to have access to the check.

 '' The democrats in the house have shown their true colors and moved away from pretense. '' Kevin McCarthy, Republican House leader said. '' 

This is the first bill to scale through via party structures ''

Mr. Biden has said though it is a big plan, the nation needs it to solve some crucial economic problems that have affected its citizens. It includes a direct payment to citizens with a $1,350 bill and other payments to state and local governments.