Wooden or concrete terrace, what to choose?

Having a good terrace to your taste inside your house is an ideal. However, given the different types of patio cladding, one is spoiled for choice between wood or concrete cladding. Since the two types of decking are not the same, find out what would be ideal when it comes to maintenance, durability and cost.

Choice considering the quality

Checking the quality of a terrace comes down to analyzing its durability and maintenance. Between a concrete deck and a wooden deck, the ideal would be to choose the concrete coating. Concrete patio coverings last better; you can try these out, you will still find that they are easy to maintain. The concrete patio can last an average of 30 years while the wooden one only has a lifespan of about 18 years. Durability will also depend on how well you maintain it.

The concrete terrace is very easy to maintain. On the other hand, a wooden deck covering requires regular maintenance, painting and sealing in order to be in good condition.

Choice considering the cost

In view of the costs, the concrete patio cladding still wins over the wooden one. Indeed, a wooden terrace will cost you more because of the materials and the delicacy of the work. The maintenance of this type of terrace also requires materials, namely the purchase of paint and others that will require you to pay even more. A concrete patio won't require all of that hassle. During the realization, it is enough to make a good choice of the type of concrete. You will have the choice between stamped concrete, deactivated concrete, drainage concrete or smooth concrete. The maintenance will only cover the treatment of the floor that shelters the terrace.

It would therefore be easier to opt for the concrete terrace for a durable coating and at a lower cost.