Winter garden : how to design the glass dome?

Winter is a time when it is difficult to keep flowers and plants fresh. Creating a glass dome is the only solution to keep the beauty of flowers around you. Still called winter garden, this sophisticated choice offers you the opportunity to preserve your orchard from the cold. Let's find in this article, simple ways to design your glass dome.

How to make your winter garden

Designing a glass dome is quite a tricky task. Continue reading this article to see how to make your winter garden. So, the design of your glass dome requires the consideration of certain characteristics. First, you need to consider the size of your installation. For small spaces, choose tabletop greenhouses or terrariums. But if you have a large space, a tall greenhouse would be ideal. Even better, a veranda or gazebo can also serve as your winter garden. Once you've found a location, think about which plants to put in the garden. The glass dome does not protect the plants from the outset. For this purpose, there are plants that are naturally cold hardy. They make excellent choices for your winter garden. Among these plants, you can choose cactus, ivy, fern and many others. After designing your conservatory, the next step is to maintain it. How to preserve the glass dome?

How to take care of the glass dome

A glass dome is an elegant installation that adds a remarkable touch to the space. It helps to optimize the air in an environment. For this, the conservatory should be pampered from time to time in all seasons. It does not require much maintenance. You just have to take care of the change of the temperature of the dome. Also, you must water at a given frequency some of your plants, without forgetting to arrange the roots in order to avoid possible installation of parasites. In this way, you are sure to design your garden all year round and even in winter.