What to remember about the artist Virginie Schroeder

Artist and sculptor, Virginie Schroeder is renowned for her artistic prowess which often features distorted characters. She discovers her talent very young and follows an academic training in this direction. Here is the essential of what you need to know about his career, his ambitions and his works.

Biography of the artist

Virginie Schroeder is a French painter who made her first cries of life in 1976. She lived for several years in Canada before joining Rivière-du-Loup, in Quebec where she currently lives. To learn more about the latter, here is an original site on which you can find everything you want. Having a passion for drawing, Virginie Schroeder began to draw at the age of 16, then later embarked on painting. Her love for art led her to take classes that taught her how to draw. After studying interior architecture, she continued her studies in graphic design. Virginie Schroeder is persevering by nature and loves taking up challenges. During these beginnings, she made works only in oil paint before acrylic. She decided to produce in watercolor when one of her teachers told her that it was difficult to use. She has a pronounced taste for warm and lively colors.

His works and working technique

Virginie Schroeder’s works are innovative and have a dimension that is both aesthetic and playful. She is an artist who uses several artistic techniques. Among others, we can cite scratching, sewing or gluing, transparent lace, etc. Indeed, she uses linear structures and geometric figures to draw landscapes, portraits and animals. To paint his works, the artist uses a mixed technique. She first makes a sketch of the object or subject she wishes to reproduce.

Then she uses the textured medium to create the lines. As a medium, she uses tempera, Damar resin, pastel, airbrush, gum, etc. Finally, she uses several layers of acyclics as well as oil to color the work. Each color is applied with syringes and reworked with a knife to ensure color harmony. The medium is removed when it achieves the desired result. She plays on bright colors and the light emitted by the layers of paint to produce contrasts.