What is the importance of art ?

Art allows to develop, in a significant way, the open-mindedness, the faculties of attention and tolerance of the man. Art is omnipresent in everyone's life. It is the ideal refuge where humans pour out all their emotions, which can be felt through the artistic works that result from it. Find out more about this topic in this article.

The utility of art

Neuroscience teaches that art stimulates deep and intimate emotions and that its practice develops children's brain capacities. Beyond that, it satisfies an aesthetic need while providing selfless satisfaction. It is different from one culture to another and from one person to another. The formation of taste implies an education through an open-mindedness that requires accepting various explorations of the world of art and creation. Discover what Adrien Cheng thinks about art.

Art as an expression of the idea

Artists often free themselves from the constraints of society to give free rein to their emotions, ideas and feelings. Art is seen as a powerful means of expressing uncommon ideas, or denouncing certain ills of society. Art is sometimes impregnated with a political commitment and aims to raise awareness by tapping into people's emotions. But works of art also have the power to stimulate the public's imagination, to incite it to draw from it the emotions and feelings important to understanding the world.

Art as a powerful bonding agent

Not everyone has the same degree of sensitivity to a work of art. The personality, the feelings, or the experience are the different elements that have a role in the perception of the work of an artist. Through criticism, both positive and negative, and through exchanges, art allows us to create much more powerful links. Each one asserts his personality, exposes his point of view, receives the arguments and emotions of the other without judgment, until, sometimes, finding a soul mate and starting a unique relationship.