What happens at the NASA party?

Like any company, after long months of work with all the pressures that go with it, NASA, the company in charge of space exploration, organises a party every year to entertain its astronauts for a while to allow them to free themselves from the stress of work. This article will show you how NASA makes the most of its parties.

Decorating the party setting

Astronauts' parties are not like those of ordinary people. It is often special because of the people involved: the cosmonauts. For this reason, the walls are all decorated in the image of the sky and therefore of space. The predominance of the colour blue signifies the sky. Everything is decorated in such a way that anyone who enters the room feels as if they are in space. More details, visit this web-site.

The state of the holiday table

After the setting, the party table is the next to be given pride of place. It is also decorated in the same colour as the frame. The colour that can be aesthetically compatible with blue. So, once the walls are all blue mixed with white, the table itself can be black mixed with bright yellow to signify night and stars.

NASA party invitations

Being a party reserved only for a minority of people, a few privileged people can attend but only by invitation from NASA. These people are given a letter called a 'NASA party'. They can come with astronaut suits because everything is done as if in space.

The conquest of space

After all the preparations, the actual party begins. The room is decorated in a space-like manner. Various games are organised to entertain all participants. The astronauts have to try to taste a sweet that comes from above without touching it with their hand. In addition, there are several other games where the astronauts have to show the participants what happens in orbit.