What are the best exercises to build up the buttocks quickly?

The body part that most athletes like to work on during their training is the buttocks. However, in order to get excellent results quickly, it is essential to choose the right ones. Indeed, the gluteus maximus is a difficult muscle to recruit and target. To help you quickly get the gluteus maximus of your dreams, we offer you the best exercises to build up your buttocks.

The Bulgarian squat

It is common to see beginners and high-level athletes doing squats to develop their buttocks. However, this exercise allows more to solicit the legs than the glutes. To remedy this, you can do the Bulgarian squat. This exercise consists of first placing the back leg on a high support such as a bench or a chair. It can be done simply or with dumbbells, so why not try these out for a good workout in the gym or at home.
Afterwards, you will have to move your leg forward in order to solicit the posterior muscle chain. Thus, the Bulgarian squat is very effective because of the spread of the supports. Click on this link to discover this site to learn more about the musculation of the other parts of the body.


Widely practiced to build gluteal muscles, lunges are a very effective exercise. Like the Bulgarian squat, they consist of having one leg forward and one leg back. There are many variations. You can try them all to see which one works best for you. Some of these variations include lunges on the spot, forward lunges, backward lunges, jumping lunges and side lunges. 
You can also try the walking lunges. These provide a good feeling during the workout. In addition, this variation provides excellent soreness on the glutes a few days after the session. On the other hand, this exercise requires the use of a barbell, dumbbells, kettlebells or body weight.