What are the advantages and disadvantages of soundproofing a house?

Noise pollution is a problem that disturbs the tranquility of a good number of people. To ensure your comfort, you plan to soundproof your home. It is important that you know the pros and cons before you commit. In this article, we will let you know what you need to know about this technique.

The advantages

What you will have to get out of the sound insulation of your home is considerable. It has been shown that noise pollution is the basis of several medical problems such as lack of sleep, fatigue, depression and even heart problems such as hypertension. It is therefore an effective way to combat certain diseases caused or aggravated by excess noise. The sound insulation of your floor makes it possible to considerably limit noise and sound waves. Soundproofing improves good neighbourly relations since the noises emitted by some do not disturb others. For Soundproof your home, go here.

the disadvantages

It is true that proceeding to the soundproofing of your home, gives you certain advantages but there are some disadvantages that you should expect. If the house that needs to be soundproofed is not a new construction, you will be obliged to remove all the pre-existing cladding in order to be able to carry out the soundproofing work. The price and installation of a new siding for your home can be relatively expensive. After the coating, it is essential to carry out other work such as straightening the doors because the layers of sound insulation create an offset. Just like doors, baseboards and sill bars may require replacement. Sometimes, for a better result, it is recommended to also carry out the insulation of the ceiling, which causes additional loads.