Reasons to visit the parc des cascades

There are many wonders in the world that seduce and enchant the human mind. Among the most enchanting places on earth is the parc des cascades. It is a place sculpted by nature not only for the pleasure of the senses, but also for the well-being of the mind. This article explains why you should choose the parc des cascades as a place to visit. 

Travelling through hidden lands

No matter what time of year, you will find beautiful waterfalls in the parc des cascades that offer a fairy-tale scene shaped by nature with hanging buildings, steep streets and more. There are some fabulous sites to explore, notably the Gour with its 4th waterfall. Within the church of Saint-Pardoux you will find relics and other historical relics. There is a good chance of finding mill wrecks.

Relaxing in Gimel 

 The parc des cascades is the ideal place for your outdoor walks because of its relief. During your walks, don't miss the opportunity to contemplate the immense waterfalls and above all, pay attention to the songs of the water. It is possible to have a picnic on the large granite rocks or to lounge by the waterfalls. Many other leisure activities are possible such as fishing, bird watching, kayaking and water sports.

Exploring incomparable art

It is not uncommon to come across artists' and craftsmen's shops; there are many in the village who works in enameling, glassmaking and jewellery. Very welcoming, they will receive you with joy. Do not hesitate to visit them. It is also the perfect opportunity to organize workshops according to your tastes. You could discover hitherto unsuspected talents, who knows? This will also allow you to offer a gift to a loved one. Your stay at the park will also be an opportunity for you to have fun and discover many things.