How to hold an interview online?

Online interviews are similar to conventional but there are not the same. Here, we present you how to hold an interview online. 

What is the difference between a virtual job interview and a conventional?

 You must know that in-person interviews are different from virtual or online interviews. For a virtual interview you will have to visit the site of the company that lunched the recruitment whereas in-person interview will require you to move to the location of the company. Also you will need to have a computer and an internet access to hold the interview which is not the case with in-person interview. 

You may find the format is different as well. Depending on the type of online interview you are participating in, there are some instances where you are just recording your answers instead of conversing with a live person on the other end. 

What to do for the success of the interview?

•             Test your computer and check you internet connection. Make sure you have a good internet connection or it will disturb you during the interview. 

•             You need to feel comfortable using whichever method your prospective employee prefers (Zoom, Skype, FaceTime, etc.). So, make sure you have those apps on your computer. 

•             Stay away from overhead lights during the interview. 

•             Make sure you have a stable table for your laptop. 

•             Avoid everything that will be a distraction. Unless you have an emergency case that your interviewer is already aware of, keep anything able to hinder the conversation including your computer notifications. Make sure you are alone, that no one is there with you to distract you.

•             Dress professionally and don’t forget to smile. Your appearance count a lot for the success of the interview. Wear clothes that fit the job you are applying for.