How to find your vintage nuggets online ?

You've fallen right into the weekend, precisely on Sunday when all the stores are closed. While you are enjoying the good time on your couch, very tired, sipping your favorite drink, you suddenly realize that you need a vintage model worn by someone a few days ago. What to do at that moment? Most people will perhaps start searching an e-commerce site hoping to stumble upon the gem, but will realize their illusion. Here is the best way to hunt online!

Ask for help with keywords

Many will find it innocuous, but the best way to start your adventure in finding your favorite nugget on a selling platform is to definitely trust the search bar, especially if you don't know where to start. To learn more, view website. The first thing to do is to try to display as many products as possible in your mind and to choose a combination of three very specific keywords. For example, you can type: "jacket" + "oversized" cut + "velvet collar" detail. You may be surprised that color is not included, but the reality is that color is often subjective and depends only on the perception of the supplier.

Trust the filters

While essential, color choice is not enough. Indeed, if you want to come across the right vintage nugget on the internet, you have to go beyond that by trying to customize or see different links between gender, brand, size, not to mention the era suitable for your style. In addition, for those who are more accustomed to the animal world, you also have at your disposal the "vegan" filter from which you have the possibility to view all products whose fabrics are free of any animal material.