Grandma's tips for chicken dishes

Eating is one of man's most important needs, necessary for survival. The satisfaction of this need implies that the taste of the food should be as appetising as possible. To achieve such a flavour, a recipe must be well developed so that nothing is left to chance. Grandma's recipes are an ultimate way to achieve a unique taste like never before. Find out in this article how to use these old natural tricks to cook chicken dishes.

Chicken curry with mushroom sauce

There are many chicken dishes that can easily be made at home for a dinner party with family and friends. Among the many chicken dishes that exist is the chicken curry with mushroom sauce. This dish is a traditional dish most often cooked on Reunion Island. It is one of the main courses that is easy to cook for everyone. To obtain such a dish, the ingredients are chicken, onions, oil, garlic, mushrooms, coconut milk, etc. You start by heating the oil over medium heat. At a reasonable temperature for cooking, put in the onion and let it cook for 5 minutes. Then add the seasonings and the chicken pieces. Let it cook for a while and then add the mushrooms. This is grandma's cooking method which results in a succulent and spicy chicken curry dish with mushrooms.

Chicken curry dish from Reunion Island 974

This curry is just as simple to prepare as the mushroom curry. The resulting flavour is as delicious as you'll be asking for more. The combination of garlic and ginger with the main ingredients makes this delicious. These are: vegetable oil, potato, onions, chicken breast, tomato, broth, coconut milk, pepper, turmeric. Grandma's recipe consists of cooking the onion, garlic, ginger, seasonings one after the other in the heated oil. Then you add the tomato and proceed to homogenise it. After the mixture is balanced, you add the chicken. The stock and coconut milk are added last, with a reduced heat for a perfect simmer.