Connected watches or smartwatches

The evolution of technology has led to the emergence of new devices that make life easier. Some people are tired of picking up their cell phone every time to see notifications, messages and more. Now with a watch on your wrist, you can enjoy many features and be connected with your smartphone at all times. In this article, we tell you about connected watches or smartwatches.

What is a connected watch for health

A connected watch or smartwatch is a computerized wristwatch that incorporates features that go beyond simply displaying the time and timing. It has internal features similar to those of a smartphone (smartphone) and they can even be considered as wrist computers. Read more at
Today, the connected watch is equipped with sensors and functions capable of helping in several areas. In particular, it facilitates the use of the smartphone, intervenes in the sports field as well as health. How?

What are the capabilities of a connected watch?

Thanks to the many features built into the connected watch, it can serve well as a digital, sports and health assistant. Indeed, you can be notified of your smartphone notifications (messages, social networks, calls, appointments). It allows you to check your e-mails, control your music, launch a podcast, train tickets and boarding passes, etc…
The sports dimension informs you about the number of daily steps, running, swimming, and sometimes even skiing or yoga. For your health, the connected watches have sensors, a heart rate monitor and a pulse oximeter capable of measuring your heart rate, monitoring your blood pressure and the quality of your sleep. During this period of the Covid-19 pandemic, it can help you quickly detect a rise in fever, as well as the blood oxygen level which are two important factors for monitoring your health during this period.