All about Japanese fashion

Japanese fashion is characterized by traditional clothing and popularized styles, but proves the opposite in the field. Moreover, it embodies harmony, diversity and a creative and innovative spirit. What can we learn from the Japanese clothing style? Through this article, get all the information about Japanese fashion.

The rise of Japanese fashion

Originally, Japanese men, women and children adopted the same style of dress. But, with the westernization, this way of dressing changed with a rapid development of the western style characterizing the modernity. Thus, the Japanese fashion is composed of traditional clothes characterized especially by the kimono. These clothes are more worn during official meetings, family ceremonies and traditional weddings. They exist under different categories: gender, marital status, age, etc. Indeed, they are well decorated and make Japanese people proud. On the other hand, modern clothes are also part of Japanese fashion. In fact, they show the incredible creativity and taste of Japanese people. On the one hand, they allow Japanese people to dress in the style of their favorite manga character. On the other hand, they allow to have a younger look thanks to their bright color.

Japanese trends of the moment

Japanese fashion is adopted in many countries of the world because of its particular look. The most famous clothes are among others: the sweet lotita, the wa lotita, the gyaru, the mori girls, the decora and the decololi. The first one is inspired by dolls. The wa lolita is a masterpiece of Japanese fashion combining the traditional and the modern. On the other hand, the gyaru allows young girls to make themselves sexy with its various accessories. The mori girls is characterized by natural clothes with several layers of fur. Moreover, the particularity of the decora is that it consists in decorating the clothes, the face and the hair. Finally, the decololi is a mixture of the sweet lolita and the decora.