Russia takes action against Twitter, threatens to cut them off over protest

Twitter sanction as the Russian government slows down their operation in major cities. Their social network has been accused of neglecting the rules specified by the Kremlin. 

Twitter networks slow down in Russia ad government fights Twitter 

 The Kremlin has accused Twitter and other social networks of not adhering to its policy about deleting illegal posts which mandate young people to take part in anti-Russian protests. It has now decided to reduce the speed of the Twitter network in Russia to drive home its point and retaliate against the tech firm. It has also issued further threats to ban the tech services in the country if it doesn't adhere to its instructions. 

This action has increased the growing feud between many tech companies and Russian authorities. It comes after the Kremlin told Twitter not to allow posts that encourage child protest in the country. Twitter has yet to reply to the action. The Russian authority has a stronghold in regulating the internet over even the Chinese. 

Communications regulator says Twitter must respect host nations 

However, political issues regarding the conviction of opposition leader, Alexei Navalny have made them take a stricter route. Roskomnadzor, which is the countries' internet agency, has said that about 4, 290 posts are still on Twitter which encourages child protest. This isn't the first time this has happened, as Twitter has already been accused of showing children taking part in demonstrations in the country. 

However, the communication agency didn't specifically tag a comment but said there were several contents in the network which contained abuses and child porn. About 99% of. Mobile phones in the country will be affected while 45% of non-mobile will experience the slowness on Twitter networks. 'We are determined to stop this abuse, and this is the first step. If Twitter refuses to remove this post, then it should expect stricter measures soon.' ' A government source said.