Myanmar Police who absconded reveal '' Shoot to kill order '' by authorities

A member of the Myanmar police that absconded to India has said the authorities told him to kill protesters. The policeman said he had to leave in the night to escape the military. 

We were given 'shoot to kill orders' '-Escaped police official 

 One of the officers who fled the country, after the coup, has said they were ordered to kill demonstrators with guns if they refuse to obey. According to The Peng, when he was ordered to kill any protester in the Khampat region on February 26, he declined.

 '' The following day, a fellow cop asked me if I would shoot, and I said no again. Immediately, I resigned from the force and left the country. Burmese security officials use runner bullets to disperse huge crowds, however, many citizens have insisted that some of them use live rounds on harmless citizens. Peng said he had to leave his children, and the family, majorly traveling by night to escape security officials before making his way to India. '' 

Many police officers coerced to do military bidding 

There wasn't much choice for me, it was run or be killed. '' He spoke to media men through a translator, however, he didn't reveal all his name for security purposes. However, media men were able to view his identity tags to confirm his stories. Tha confirmed that he and seven other police officers didn't accept to kill citizens, an order he said from a superior which he wouldn't mention. 

The story of Tha Peng is similar to other narratives shared by several security officers who fled into China. There is a private document which states how these events unfold. Many security officials who disobeyed direct others have been imprisoned in several cells in the country. 

'' In a situation like this we don't have the bravery to kill our people, it's insane. ''.

It is however not clear what the international community would do to the rising cases of cruelty in Myanmar.