How To Simplify Club Administration


How to simplify club administration

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Through Rotary's data integration, you can add new members, report club officers, and update membership information easier than ever.

Through Rotary’s data integration tools, you can add new members, report club officers, and update membership information easier than ever.

By Rotary staff

Does your club manage members and officer updates online? Do you have a website or app to keep your members connected and up-to-date? Over 10,000 clubs are already integrated directly with Rotary International’s membership database using tools provided by our licensed vendors. These tools help you keep your membership and club officer information up to date, connecting it to RI in real time.

The Community Marketplace is your one-stop-shop for digital tools that can help you streamline club administration, communication, and event management. Find tools to help you manage your club so you can spend less time on administrative tasks, and more time developing and taking part in service projects. You’ll also find our page for Marketplace apps that are helping Rotarians achieve more, from managing your club’s membership details on your smartphone with Roster on Wheels to event planning with AnyEvent.

We have upgraded our integration services to make club administration easier. No more forms to fill out or emails to send in with your club’s updates: our expanded services include adding new members, appointing club officers, and improved accuracy for updating membership information. We are working with our vendors to make sure they make the upgrade with us; all vendors listed in the Community Marketplace are using these new services.

If you’re going to Korea, check out a breakout session by Peter Markos, Chief Information Officer at Rotary International, who will be explaining the benefits of data integration. Several licensed vendors will be joining him to discuss how data integration can make club administration easier and membership information more accessible.

They will explain how integration works, how Rotary maintains your privacy, what improvements are planned for the future, and answer any questions you have about making this transition.

“We’re bringing these vendors together to show how integration can enable our membership and partners to do more,” Markos says. “Data integration is about filling the need expressed by our membership: to create websites, mobile apps and functionalities that allow our members to be more effective, efficient, and agile.”