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Ulysses was born and raised on a farm in North Carolina.  He attended North Carolina A & T State University where he earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Engineering Physics.
After graduation, Ulysses began working for RCA in Moorestown, New Jersey as an engineer on the Apollo Moon mission.  While Ulysses didn’t put the man on the moon, he was instrumental in bringing him back.  He developed a critical part of the rendezvous radar system that guided the Lunar Landing Module back to the rocket orbiting the moon for the return trip to earth.
While working at RCA, Ulysses attended Drexel University in Philadelphia, PA where he earned a Master of Science Degree in Physics.  
As the space program began to wind down, Ulysses turned his attention to the new burgeoning field of computers and computer software.  He joined the computer services division of the General Electric Company where he was a salesman of computer services.  His territory included South Jersey and the state of Delaware.  His customers included Campbell Soup Company, DuPont & Company, Getty Oil Company, Hercules Incorporated, and RCA.  While with GE, Ulysses attended a special Business Management Program at Harvard University.
After several successful years with GE, Ulysses set his sights on Wall Street.  He joined Prudential Securities as Associate Vice President of Information Technology.  It was his job to transition the company from Mainframe Computing to what is now called The Cloud.
He served as Chairman of the Finance Committee of Parkside United Methodist Church for 16 years.
Suddenly, in 2000, Ulysses lost his wife of 32 years to a brain aneurysm.  He has three adult children and 5 grand children.  Since 2000, Ulysses has been operating an embroidery business that his wife had started 10 years earlier.
In 2001, Ulysses joined the Rotary Club of Washington Township Breakfast.  In his club he served as Sergeant at Arms, Director of Vocational Service, Director of International Service, Club President, and Treasurer.  Ulysses has also served at the District Level as Director of International Service, and Assistant Governor.  Ulysses has traveled to India with a group of other Rotarians and participated in India’s National Immunization Day (NID).  He has completed all three of the Rotary Leadership Institute courses and has successfully completed the RLI Faculty training.  He is now a certified Rotary Leadership Institute Facilitator.  He has facilitated in several RLI events.  Ulysses is a Paul Harris Fellow.  
Ulysses has attended and participated in the last 6 District Conferences.  He is currently a member of the Rotary Club of Winslow Township where he is Director of Fun.  

To my 7640 family,
When I was growing up my mother always told me to do things PDQ. What the heck is a PDQ and what do you do with it? Until I became a Rotarian I had no idea what she really meant! As a DG, “P” means to plan. For the 2 yrs. before you become a DG you are taught how to plan for your year as Governor. I was sent to Sydney Australia, Toronto Canada and San Diego CA. where some of the finest minds in Rotary challenged us and inspired us to plan for our year to come. I had the wonderful opportunity to meet other DGEs from around the world and exchange ideas.  At the end of this period you have to send RI a strategic plan for your year to come.
Now you become the governor and “D” comes into play. D stands for DO. What I wanted to do was to spend my year celebrating Rotary with my family of District 7640. I got to know my family by visiting each club separately through the 1st half of the year. I like to equate this experience to Forrest Gump’s statement “Life is like a box of chocolates”… The district is the box and the clubs are the chocolates. As you visit them you realize each club is wonderful in its’ own way but they all share the joy of Rotary so I knew they would be willing to celebrate with me throughout the year. So in September the celebration began with Rotary at the Rodeo. 270 members of our family got together and had a wonderful night just having fun with each other. This night was successful largely due to the efforts of District Trainer Vicky Beyerle and District Administrator JoAnn Stott.  THANK YOU BOTH!
In October PDG Alan Stein reminded me our district hadn't developed a Strategic Plan for many years. He volunteered to lead the planning so we had the G-string, leadership committee and members of the clubs meet and we devised a district plan for the next several years. This allows stability in our district and a blueprint for easy transition from 1 administration to the next. Thank you Alan!  
In January we celebrated the culinary talents of some of our Rotarians at DINING WITH ROTARY CHEFS. Over 300 came out to support their expertise and have a great meal to boot. Thank you DGND Joanne Ventura and her committee for that night.
In March we celebrated the generosity of our district by joining with district 7500 by having the BE A GIFT TO THE WORLD DINNER with RI President Ravi Ravidran as the keynote speaker. Over 400 members of the 2 districts got together getting to know each other and exchange ideas on how to raise funds for the RF. Thanks to the generosity of the members of our district Annual Giving is up appreciably so DGND Joanne will have more funds available in her DG yr. for district grants for our clubs. Thank you DGND Joanne and her committee for its success.
Shortly after this RI sent me notice that I had to DO something about our membership or we may have to merge with another district. For several years our district had negative membership growth and we were down to 1067 and RI wanted a minimum of 1100. Thanks to an amazing meet & greet by Melanie Druziako and the efforts of Cathy Gavin and her membership committee we now have positive growth again and we are well above the 1100 mark.  
In May we were on our way to Cape May. Our district conference was truly a celebration orchestrated by Tom Veevers, Tom Venable, Vicky Beyerle, Melanie Druziako and all the others on the conference team. My theme was to bring your family to meet your Rotary family largely because I strongly believe youth is the future of Rotary. That is why I asked families to bring their children and I included a youth conference which also included our Interactors and Rotaractors. 150 youth as well as the adults got to hear the story of polio as told by Rotary International PolioPlus Chair Michael McGovern, PDG Manjit Sawhney SE Asia PolioPlus Chair and PDG Tom Veevers our District PolioPlus Chair, the history of the Native American Lenni Lenape Indian tribe by Chief Mark Gould and the worldwide need for potable water and clean sanitation by Carolyn Crowley Meub of the Pure Water for the World Society and Helen Weinheimer of the Garden State Rotary Club. Now they have a new appreciation for Rotary! We also allowed the adults to hear all these presentations during their conference along with the necessary Rotary informational programs, David Bailey of Ranch Hope and John Stefankiewicz of the Fresh Air Home in N. Wildwood. At night we partied with the Congress Street Brass Band Friday and Lights Out Vocals Saturday. Toes were tapping and people were dancing. A lot of fun for everyone! Actually there was a down side of the conference…at my weigh out I was down 20 lbs. since the previous changeover dinner. So each club owes the RF $20 as the presidents agreed to at my MAPETS.
Our final celebration took place in Early June when the leadership team, the College of Governors, and the AGs surprised JoAnn Stott with a richly deserved PHF for all she has done for the district for all the many years and wished her well in her retirement. JoAnn, we will truly miss you and I would like to personally invite you to join the White Horse Club. Give me a call.
As you can see a lot was done this year. My Leadership team is the people that made my job easy and my year successful. Thank you!! My AGs deserve my gratitude just because they had to hear my speech over and over again but also they were my best means of communication with the clubs. Thank you!
Ok we've had the P&D what's the Q? The Q comes at midnight 7/1 when I slip Quietly into the role of PDG. I will be asleep in my recliner with the TV still running but a smile on my face. It was a wonderful year and I thank you all for giving me the privilege of being your governor. Good luck Ulysses and I'm looking forward to the coming year.
Dave Zelley
7640 District Governor 2015-2016


How to simplify club administration

Posted on 
Through Rotary's data integration, you can add new members, report club officers, and update membership information easier than ever.

Through Rotary’s data integration tools, you can add new members, report club officers, and update membership information easier than ever.

By Rotary staff

Does your club manage members and officer updates online? Do you have a website or app to keep your members connected and up-to-date? Over 10,000 clubs are already integrated directly with Rotary International’s membership database using tools provided by our licensed vendors. These tools help you keep your membership and club officer information up to date, connecting it to RI in real time.

The Community Marketplace is your one-stop-shop for digital tools that can help you streamline club administration, communication, and event management. Find tools to help you manage your club so you can spend less time on administrative tasks, and more time developing and taking part in service projects. You’ll also find our page for Marketplace apps that are helping Rotarians achieve more, from managing your club’s membership details on your smartphone with Roster on Wheels to event planning with AnyEvent.

We have upgraded our integration services to make club administration easier. No more forms to fill out or emails to send in with your club’s updates: our expanded services include adding new members, appointing club officers, and improved accuracy for updating membership information. We are working with our vendors to make sure they make the upgrade with us; all vendors listed in the Community Marketplace are using these new services.

If you’re going to Korea, check out a breakout session by Peter Markos, Chief Information Officer at Rotary International, who will be explaining the benefits of data integration. Several licensed vendors will be joining him to discuss how data integration can make club administration easier and membership information more accessible.

They will explain how integration works, how Rotary maintains your privacy, what improvements are planned for the future, and answer any questions you have about making this transition.

“We’re bringing these vendors together to show how integration can enable our membership and partners to do more,” Markos says. “Data integration is about filling the need expressed by our membership: to create websites, mobile apps and functionalities that allow our members to be more effective, efficient, and agile.”


District 7640 Foundation Committee 
Seeking Applications for
2017-18 Rotary Peace Fellowships
Each year, Rotary International funds some of the world’s most dedicated and brightest professionals to study at Rotary Peace Centers.  Through training, study and practice, Rotary Peace Fellows become leaders and catalyst for peace and conflict resolution.  
District 7640 is seeking candidates (who are NOT active or honorary Rotarians) for the following opportunities:
Master’s Degree Fellowship (15-24 months) at one of five premier universities 
Professional Development Certificate (3 month program) in peace and conflict prevention resolution at Chulalongkorn University in Thailand.
Eligibility Criteria
• Strong commitment to international understanding and peace as demonstrated through professional and academic achievements and personal or community service.
• Excellent leadership skills
• Master’s degree applicants:  minimum 3 years or related full time work or volunteer experience, bachelor’s degree
• Certificate applicant:  minimum 5 years of related full time work or volunteer experience, strong academic background
A few examples of qualified professionals
• Community development specialists 
• Military, security and law enforcement personnel
• Mediation, arbitration and dispute resolution personnel
• Professionals involved in human rights, refugee issues, disaster relief
• Documentary film producers
Interested applicants should visit and complete application on:
Application deadline:  May 31, 2016
For more information or a presentation for your club, contact Mary Lynne Reynolds (Chair, District 7640 Peace Fellowships) at mlreynolds@mhaswnj.org or 

Voorhees Breakfast Rotary Club
distributing over 130 3rd grade dictionaries to the children of the
Osage Elementary School.

Looking for Members Check the List Below
Classification List
Accounting Service-Commercial
Accounting Service-Management
Accounting Service-Personal
Addressing Service
Advertising, General
Advertising, Direct Mail
Advertising, Outdoors
Advertising, Periodical
Advertising, Radio
Advertising, Specialty
Advertising, Aerial
Airport Management
Airport Services
Airport Transportation
Alcohol & Drug Programs
Answering Services
Antique Sales
Apartment, Rentals
Appraising Service-Commercial
Artists Materials-Retail
Asphalt Products
Association Management
Athletic Club
Athletic Teams
Auctioning Services
Audio Visual Services
Auto-Sales New
Auto-Sales Used
Auto-Advertising Director
Auto-Sales Foreign
Bath Fixtures-Sales
Bath Fixtures-Refinishing
Beauty Salon
Beauty Salon-Supply
Blueprint Services
Boat-Sales New
Boat-Sales Used
Bookkeeping Services
Bottle Gas Distribution
Bowling Centers
Building Construction
Building Materials-Retailing
Building Services
Burglar Alarm Services
Business Forms & Systems
Business Services
Bus Transportation
Cable Television Services
Camera Sales-Retail
Catering Services
Chamber of Commerce
Check Cashing Services
Child Care Services
Chiropractic Services
Cleaning Services-Home
Cleaning Services-Commercial
Closet Organizer Systems
Clubs & Associations
Cocktail Lounges
Coffee Distribution
Collection Services
Contractors-Grading & Paving
Counseling Services
Courier Services
Credit Card Accounting
Credit Card Services
Credit Union Services
Cycle Accessories-Retail
Dance Studio
Data Processing
Day Care
Decorating Materials-Retailing
Dental Lab
Dentistry-Oral Surgery
Rotary International Site

District 7640 Foundation seeking applicants for
2016-17 Rotary Peace Fellowships
Each year, Rotary funds some of the world’s most dedicated and brightest professionals to study at Rotary Peace Centers.  Through training, study, and practice, Rotary Peace Fellows become leaders and catalyst for peace and conflict resolution.   Our District is currently seeking nominations for the Rotary International
Master’s degree fellowship (15-24 months) at one of 5 premier universities or Professional Development Certificate – 3 month program in peace and conflict prevention resolution at Chulalongkorn University in Thailand.

Candidates cannot be an active or honorary Rotary member or related to a Rotarian.
  • Strong commitment to international understanding and peace as demonstrated through professional and academic achievements and personal or community service.  
  • Excellent Leadership Skills
  • Master’s degree applicants:  minimum 3 years or related full time work or volunteer experience, bachelor’s degree
  • Certificate applicants:  minimum 5 years of related full time work or volunteer experience, strong academic background
Interested applicants should visit and complete application on http://www.scholars4dev.com/8088/rotary-peace-fellowships
Application deadline:  May 31, 2015
Please contact Mary Lynne Reynolds (Chair, District 7640 Peace Fellowships)   at mlreynolds@mhaswnj.org   or 856-938-9917


Speaker List Updated

Please note that you can enter speaker information or download the speaker list under the main menu "Ave Service" "Club Service" "Speaker Information" Once the speaker information is entered you can than click on "Speaker List Updated" and print a complete list of Speakers. Direct Link to Speaker Page



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